We are proud to announce that Visenya is merging with Synapse X. This merger is the result of friendly negotiations and logical thinking, upheld by the many advantages such a merger would give to both you and us.

If you are a Visenya customer, you will shortly receive a Synapse X account registration key tied to your Visenya account in your e-mail's inbox, which can be used to gain access to Synapse X, completely free of charge! You will then be able to download Synapse X at the link offered below and redeem your key during the registration process. If you already own Synapse, this key can be sold or given away to a third party without restrictions.

Visenya has, indeed, came to an end. We want to thank you for the good times we had together as the community of Visenya, we will now do our work under the Synapse brand. Don't worry, the developers of Visenya will still work with you and for you! We simply wish that you will accomodate yourself to the Synapse community.

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